How's my diet?

Mary Flo Riddley of 'Just say YES'was on familylifetoday (ages ago, but I only just got around to listening to the second podcast) and she said something that I've believed in for a long time.

We should treat our children's TV time like their diet.

When evaluating what their watching (and I would extend that to what they are reading) we should ask the questions:

Is it healthy?
Is it junk?
Is it poison?

The thing is, we do allow our kids to eat some junk (some weeks more than others!) but they can't live off it. We insist that they enjoy healthy meals too, and hopefully more of the latter.

What we NEVER do is allow our children to eat poison.

And there are movies and shows that really are poison to your child's spiritual health.

It's easy when they are small, everything seems to be educational for preschoolers, and there are only one or two shows that I flat out ban in our home. It kind of like feeding the baby. All foods made for babies avoid too much sugar or salt, and would never contain alcohol or anything else we consider dangerous.

It's as they get older that the temptation for junk starts to arrive.

Even as a toddler most of the books Will read were a list of words or actions that kipper did.

Now the books he chooses have more complex storylines, and more and more I find myself taking the library books off him and saying that something isn't appropriate.

It got me to thinking though, how often do I allow myself to consume poison?

As an adult, we don't hold to the same standards we impose on our kids. I can't tell you the number of times I've said 'it's just for grown ups' about various items in the kitchen cupboard, but I'm starting to think I'm maybe doing the same with my reading/viewing.

I don't read poison, I avoid watching horror movies and pornography, but how much junk am I consuming? Or more importantly how many healthy choices am I making?

I have a compulsion to finish a book once I've started it, even if it's no good.

I want to commit to making healthier choices for myself too.

Who's with me?

- Kj


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