Home brew

Hard cider has been by far the easiest of my homemade adventures.

The recipe we used is officially titled 'inmates brew' and it calls for a carton or two of apple juice, lots of sugar and a bucket with a lid. Apparently these items are all available in prison.

What we used was a large crop of apples from the boarding house orchard (beautiful pink apples - I have no idea what variety they are), which we juiced, then added sugar to, and placed in a bucket with a lid.

The instructions suggested shaking/stirring once a day for three days and releasing the air, then leaving for four to six weeks.
We left outs for seven and boy was it firey!! There was also plenty of sediment, so after bottling it needed to be decanted again to get that really clear beautiful liquid.
It does taste remarkably good though, and after a cider tasting evening with friends, we decided it was actually tastier than many of the shop bought varieties. If you have access to some apples in your garden, this is definitely worth a try.

Warmed up and served with spiced cookies, cheese and crackers, this was the perfect autumn drink.

- Kj


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