Glo Bible

I can't believe I haven't posted about Glo Bible before.
That seems odd to me, because we love it.

Glo is an app for the iphone/ipad, but also software for your PC and/or Mac that makes bible study, history, art and geography fun and interactive. It's already been useful in looking up dates for our timeline to supplement the 'Mystery of History' course we use, but it also keeps track of your bible reading plan, notes and allows you to make presentations (something the kids will be doing more of as they get older).

I'd recommend this software to anyone, and you can download a trial for free. The graphics are incredibly slick and it's so intuitive to use. Better yet, if you upgrade from the free trial before monday, they'll even give you 30% off.

To have a look at all the awesome stuff it does, check out this video:


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