The Advent Event

This is my first ever go at a link up for bloggers, so I hope it's going to work!

My plan is to have a link up for the season of advent. I love Christmas, but it's easy to get swept up in the gift giving and parties and forget completely what advent is about; preparation.
Now I know that some will say that there is nothing special about any one day over another, but then why are you celebrating Christmas at all? It's a time to remember the birth of Christ, and I think advent is a great way to extend the season, to teach our children through repetition about the story of redemption.

In fact, we celebrate all the Hebrew festivals too in our home. Ever heard the phrase 'a Jews cathecism is his calendar'? It's so true. The festivals represent so much, and are such a wonderful teaching opportunity for our kids. Advent is that little prompt I need in my diary to start drip feeding my children the scriptures and reminding them of how the world was awaiting a messiah. It's a time when I can explain that we are still awaiting the return of that same Messiah.

So what do you do for advent? Do you celebrate in any special way?

I want to encourage you to be intentional about advent this year, and then blog about it. And then link up to this post. Let's encourage each other with our plans and ideas, and make sure that this christmas isn't all about presents for our families.


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