I was asked to review this movie, although I'm not convinced they understood how old my kids were when they sent it!

Snowmen is a coming of age movie about three small boys and their adventures over a winter.

The problem with this movie is that the acting/production/storyline had the feel of a cute kids movie, something you watch on Christmas day with the little ones, but there were definitely bits that made me wish I wasn't watching it with my four year old.

Maybe I'm over sensitive, but some bits you should be aware of before you show this movie to your kids are:

Phrases like 'p*** off' and 'oh c***' are fairly frequent. Nothing hardcore, but not pleasant to have a preschooler repeating.

There's violence from the school bully, but also from our 'heroes' several times. We're supposed to think it's okay when our hero stands up to the school bully by throwing ice at him (something we are told at the beginning is illegal in their state) and making him bleed. The bully also punches a small child in the face several times, and at one point holds an ice skate to his throat and face threatening to 'cut him up' for humiliating him in an earlier scene.
The boys also narrowly escape death when they are buried by a snow plough. It doesn't sound bad, but it's quite a tense moment for a small child.

The hero lies to us and to other children throughout the movie, and only gets pulled up on it once. In fact, most of the time he is glorified as having been able to put together some amazing events.

There is one point where the boys find a corpse, and another rather graphic and long scene where a boy drowns. Neither of these are particularly 'feel good' moments for a small child.

I know these are petty for older children, but the problem is that I think older children would be bored. The humorous moments were few and far between and aimed at younger children. The story was based on a true story, and you can tell. It's the sort of movie my mum would have on in the background whilst she was ironing. Okay, just not great.

There is a cameo appearance by Christopher Lloyd (remember 'doc' from back to the future?) but that's about the best part.

I'm afraid this movie only gets a 2/5 from us.

- Kj


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