Making Your Home a Haven

This year I shall once again be taking part in Courtney's fall challenge

If you don't know who Courtney is I'd encourage you to click on the logo above which will take you directly to her site. She is a wonderful wife, mummy and daughter of the king who blogs regularly and was a featured speaker at the nines conference on Tuesday, which was fantastic. If you missed out this year, you should definitely sign up next year. It's kind of frustrating that you have to watch it live, as it's in the US, and time zones means I couldn't watch all of it without being up until well after midnight, but it's free so you can't really complain. On top of that there is an option to buy the videos that you missed and watch them later.

I was introduced to Courtney's blog about this time last year, so I took part in the fall challenge, and it was such a blessing to me and my family. Small steps to improve the atmosphere of you home can make a huge difference in encouraging a peaceful and prayerful environment. One of the first steps is to light a candle in your home everyday. Whenever it catches your eye, say a short prayer.

Such a simple, but effective idea.
I love it.

The autumn is such a great time for bringing new routines and habits into our lives. I'm never sure whether it's because I had September starts drilled into me at school (beginning of the new year) that makes me feel like the autumn is a time for renewal. As we homeschool, you'd think we were exempt from that feeling, but with Matt being a teacher we still fall into the habit of lazy summer weeks and trying to impose a new order on ourselves come the term time. The laws of entropy really do apply to all things, and without our fresh start each year we'd rapidly end up in chaos!

But I don't know if the way our school system is run does dictate the rhythm of our lives or whether there is something more spiritual to it than that.

This week we are celebrating Rosh Hashanah which is the celebration of creation. If this week truly is the anniversary of the day that God created to world, then of course it feels just ripe with new beginnings.

I'm linking up with Courtney's Women Living Well Wednesdays


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