Am I doing enough?

I'm unashamedly stealing most of this post from Jeannie Fulbright because she says it better than I could ever hope to. It's the question every homeschooling mum asks herself on a regular basis:

Am I doing enough?

As you begin to walk down this long road of educating your children, always ask yourself what God’s perfect plan is for your family. Often we can begin to feel weighed down by the burden of being our children’s source of education.

This should not be.

The same God who called you will equip you and show you the perfect way your children should go. Benjamin Franklin and John Adams were both homeschooled differently because they had different purposes and paths to pursue. Seek to know what your children’s purposes and paths are; don’t just follow the crowd, burdening yourself with elective courses that weigh you down and rob you of your joy. When you follow God’s ideal plan for your children, it won’t feel heavy or burdensome. It will feel light.

I believe the problem is that when you are doing enough it feels too easy - so you think 'I can't be doing enough. It can’t be this easy. Certainly my child is not learning enough or getting enough knowledge. I need to fill their brain with more, more, more until we are so challenged, so overloaded with information that we simply can’t fill another minute of our 'school day' with anymore'.

When we’re really doing quite enough – homeschooling is as it should be: wonderful, joyful, pleasant, and peaceful – with children learning exactly what they need to learn – with time on their hands to pursue other things, other subjects of interest – with time to contemplate what they have learned, what they want to learn, to contemplate their relationship with God – with time to draw nearer to mom, siblings, a good book, the Bible – with time to learn to cook, time to learn a new skill, to build something unplanned, unscheduled, something NOT in their books – something creative, expressing who they are.
That’s what life is like when you’re doing enough.

But you see, the question we should ask – the real question we should ask is, 'Am I doing too much?'

Am I homeschooling out of fear? Have I fallen prey to the counterfeit for God’s best and followed someone else’s plan? What can I cut out? What can I put away?

If homeschooling feels hard to you – you’re doing too much. And just like with medicine, too much is not better.

Too much will have repercussions. Too much will bring consequences you don’t really want. Too much brings burn out. Too much robs your family of the joy and relationships that were meant to develop and flourish at home.

God’s call on you to homeschool does not forestall His promise of peace. His promise to give us rest is not void. If we are not experiencing rest as we homeschool, we need to sit down and reevaluate. We need to come to Him again, and seek His ways and wisdom.

Matthew 11:28

Come to me all you who are weary and heavy burdened, and I will give you rest.


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