Why God Won't Go Away

I've been so excited waiting for my latest book to arrive, so I got it and read it in 48 hours!

It's called 'Why God Won't Go Away' by Alister McGrath and it really is quite brilliant.

First off, let me just say that if you are looking for a book on apologetics, this is not it. This book is critique of new atheism, and critique it does! The religious fanaticism of the neo-atheist movement is exposed and shredded easily and in a very readable manner.

There were points where I was concerned that McGrath may resort to personal attacks on authors such as Dawkin's and Hitchen's, but whilst anecdotal evidence of them is used to discredit their statements of belief, he never goes so far as to ridicule or humiliate - something that ample evidence of the new-atheist community engaging in is provided. I was glad to see that he didn't stoop to their level, even though it was clear that he could have.

The arguments of the fanatical atheists that all science and reason belong exclusively to their camp are clearly and concisely opposed and McGrath does this in a manner that means you don't need a PhD in philosophy to follow it.

This isn't necessarily a Christian book, although written by a christian, it doesn't try to persuade or inform of Christian doctrine. It is purely a criticism of fanatical atheism, and McGrath speaks highly of many atheist scholars, even including their quotes in the defence against the fanatics. In that sense the book could easily be enjoyed by a person of agnosticism, atheism or any other faith - except neo-atheism!

The tired old arguments against religion that have been repeated since the 18th century enlightenment are shown for exactly what they are, despite the 'brights' trying to claim they are something new. This is definitely a book I will be keeping for children to read when they are older as there is 'nothing new under the sun' and I'm sure that they'll be confronted with the same evangelical atheism in the future.

I give this book 5 stars and totally recommend you get your hands on a copy.

- Kj


  1. I've been very much wanting to read this one!
    So nice to *meet* you...thank you for joining us a NOBH...
    ~Kara @ The Chuppies


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