Getting super powers

Hooray! You'll be glad to know we have the internet back. Did you miss me?

A friend of mine, who is a single father, recently asked me for some practical tips about getting organised. During a discussion with my sister he brought up a movie, (the name of which I can't remember) where a guy gets super powers, and realises that it's in part just from being more organised than his peers. Streamlining his life means that he has more time to get stuff done.

This resonated so true with me. When my son was first born I used to think 'how do people even have time to shower with children?' now I have two and people are asking 'how do you have time to sew/cook/blog/study etc...

So I think I'm going to run a few posts on organising your life. I hope they'll be helpful to some people. We've just moved house, so some of my systems aren't in place here yet, which is kind of great, because I can blog them as I work them and I won't forget anything!

I'm no FLYlady (you should try it sometime - she is awesome but too intense for me to keep up with!) but I do have some systems in place that I find really helpful, and looking back, I definitely have more time for other stuff since I started using them.

The first thing I use is what I call a 'box system'. It sounds basic, it is.

Haul everything you have out of storage. Throw out or donate what you don't need. Amazing, I bet that's half of everything you own you clutterbug! Oh, just me then...

Next, group stuff, where possible for when it will next get used, or any other way that seems obvious to you (original CDs that you have loaded on your mp3 player might go with photo albums, or not, up to you).

Now box it up, but as you do, write down in a notebook every item in that box and a big number on the box. This is very important. Make sure you can see it on the top and sides.

I like to put all my Christmas decorations in box 25. If I have too many I make a box 25a. You don't have to do this.

Next, create a database on your computer. If you don't know how to do this, google it. There's loads of softwares, but I use Microsoft access, because its what we have.

You data base should include your entire inventory of what is in each box, the number of the box and the location of the box.

Next time you need a scart lead you type in 'scart' and your computer says 'box 3 under the stairs'; or you child needs the next size of shoe, you type 'size 4' and it says 'box 8, attic, trainers, galoshes and sandals x2'.

This should take you at least a week to do thoroughly, so I'll give it that long before my next installment

Have fun - happy organising, you are part way to being supermum!

- Kj


  1. Love this. And having seen the box system in action, I am impressed. Go forth and organise, Kate!


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