The Last Wedding!

Well, obviously not the last wedding I'll ever attend - but this was the last wedding in our family as my baby sister was the last 'Mather' to get married. With us all being girls there dies the lineage of those bearing the family surname.

The wedding was absolutely beautiful. There are hundreds of photos (check out the twitter hashtag #GeMark)

As some of you may know, I made the cake(s) for the wedding. The couple wanted devil's food cake and left all the rest up to me - Hooray for a bride who's relaxed enough to let you just get on with things!

I ended up using italian buttercream frosting with 'whiter white' in to make it more wedding-y. You can see how to make this on my rainbow cake post.

Would you believe that for this wedding I cracked and separated 196 eggs, and it was only the 193rd that I managed to get any yolk in the white? That must be some kind of record!

I also think my oven deserves some special mention, because it was on for 17 hours straight!

The cakes came out lovely though, and Gem crystallised some cornflowers for me to decorate it with.

The final presentation cakes looked like this:

The frosting was also sprayed lightly with pearlescent spray to make it shimmer, then sprinkled with a little rainbow dust.

The wreath around the edges was made from little wooden hearts and stars to go with their outdoors, woodlandy theme.


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