Innocence: It's a good thing!

I recently read this post on 'Eat The Damn Cake' and thought I'd share a little of it, as it's so good. I hear so often about how I am 'sheltering' my kids and how they won't learn to cope in 'the real world' that it was refreshing to hear another perspective.

You should skip over there and read the whole thing, but in case you don't I've stolen the first few paragraphs for you.

So here it is. Enjoy:

You know what I don’t like? The “real world.”

People sound so mean when they talk about it. Once, an ex-boyfriend who was still hurt yelled at me, “You don’t know anything about the real world!”

I thought of this:

(A street fight. That’s what it sounds like. source)

Or maybe it looks like this:

Whenever people say “the real world,” they mean that there’s another world, a fake one, that someone is trying to live in. And that is always bad.

But I especially dislike it when people talk this way about kids. “They need to learn about the real world.” When people say this about kids, they mean that they’re too sheltered, or too spoiled, or too safe, or too innocent.

Sometimes people defend things as awful as bullying by saying, “Well, it’ll teach them to deal with the real world.”

As though this place called the real world is full of cruel people, just waiting to torment you. What a terrible place! I don’t want to live there!


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