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Will and I made the most awesome cake today. It's a recipe we've wanted to try for a long time, and with it being Matt's mums birthday tomorrow, we decided it was about time to give it a go. Will was very excited and is actually getting quite good at measuring things. If only he was a little less enthusiastic about stirring, he'd actually be a big help in the kitchen!

The basic recipe is here:


and the bit that's hard to read at the bottom is 1 cup chopped pecans.

It's good, if licking the batter out of the bowl is anything to go by. We can't tuck into the cake until Granny's birthday 'party' tomorrow morning, but initial testing tells us it's going to be amazing.

The chocolate looks pretty gnarly whilst melting, and you'd be forgiven for thinking you've curdled it and it will never recover, but have patience and it will go smooth and glossy.

We jazzed it up by adding some fresh cream whipped with cocoa powder in the middle (like a victoria sandwich). We also didn't have any pecans, so a mixture of almonds and cashews went it. They were unsalted, so I think it's fine.

Besides, salt and chocolate go great together.

I'll update with photos of us enjoying it tomorrow.


UPDATE: Well I was actually very ill the next day, and before I had a chance to come down and take photos the entire cake had been demolished. Still, I suppose that is testament to how good it was!


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