A nice day for gardening

My fitness is terrible at the moment.

As is my diet.

I massively need to work on both. Today I decided to walk the chidren over to the new house to do some gardening. I can barely move!

It took an hour to walk each way, and mapmyrun says I burnt 186 calories on the way there and 165 on the way back (uphill/downhill). This is a pretty conservative estimate though because I was pushing a double buggy with two (rather heavy kids) laden with groceries too. And I was wearing my fit flops.

Ordinarily I would have treated myself to something nice after such a workout, but I'm trying to stick to a healthier eating program, which I only started yesterday, so I didn't.

I was pretty pleased with the amout of gardening I managed to get done, even with both kids present. In fact, Will was actually quite helpful, especially for moving things covered in cobwebs and spiders that I didn't want to touch!!

Initially I will admit to thinking to myself 'how will i find time to do things like DIY and gardening if we homeschool?' but after to day I have set my own mind to rest (again!).

Not only did Will love helping me out, we learnt plenty as well. He was fascinated with how 'furry' the ivy trunks were and how they used them to climb the fence. He was excited to see a birds nest up close (see below) and we found loads of tiny spiders to count.

I also managed to repaint the downstairs bathroom that was not going to plan.

Overall a very productive day.


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