Living Below the Line

This week Matt & I will be taking on the 'Live below the Line' challenge in aid of The Salvation Army's Generation programme .

Live Below The Line

You can follow our progress here.

Today was our final day living 'above the line' and I went to tesco this morning to see what I could get to help us through the week. I was pretty shocked to be honest.

Not because we couldn't eat for less than a pound a day - we had plenty of practise during our first year of marriage and I was a student for 5 years - but because I suddenly realised that we could easily eat, but we couldn't feed the children.

Sounds like an oxymoron? It should be. Children eat less than us, right? Well, they do, but because of that their diet needs to be rich in nutrition. Whilst I will happily fill up on rice and beans, we can barely afford fresh fruit and vegetables. One red medium sized pepper would account for two and a half meals!

It also turns out you can't buy baby food or formula (except in bulk) for the price of a meal. If I were to buy ready made formula, Elisha would be able to have two bottles a day and nothing else. One ready made baby meal (organic) would cost her entire allowance for the day and 12p from tomorrow.

It's nothing new that baby food is cheaper to make, but I hadn't really noticed that people living 'below the line' don't have the option to choose. It's not just cheaper, it's essential. No wonder extended breastfeeding is encouraged by the WHO, when many children would simply starve without it.

I think it's going to be an eye opening week.


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