Hello Mornings

As some of you know I've been slack at organisation in the past. It's wierd, because I love order. Something about me gets released and I feel so much more peace in a neatly organised home. I sleep better knowing that the stationary and pens are all organised in the desk drawers, even when the draw is closed.

I'm getting better, but it's an uphill struggle. These aren't habits that come naturally to me and I often need a tool, gimmick or friend to give me a little kick up the bottom and get me motivated to get things done.

So, in the spirit of this, I have joined the maximise your morning challenge on inspired to action.

Hello Mornings Button

and finding them short on accountability captains, I signed up to be one of two in the UK! There's no backing out now...

So if you want to join us for some accountibility with regards to your daily morning routine and maximise your mornings, you should hop over to their website and sign up.

We are twitter group 6b, so you can search #MYM6 if you want to spy on us without getting directly involved just yet ;)

I'm told this is going to revolutionise the way I get things done. I hope so. A change would do me good.


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