Kids need snacks.

Well mine do anyway. It's so easy just to reach for the cookie jar or buy another pack of raisins* (anyone else's children completely bored with them yet?). Thinking about creative, healthy snacks can be draining.

I'm trying to get better at this, partiicularly as Will is developing a crisp habit, so I thought I'd share some of my ideas with you. We have the added excitement that Elisha is incredibly allergic to both apples and grapes (quite limiting on more snacks than you' think, including most baby biscuits!) so I'm trying to think outside the box.

i) Popcorn - popcorn's a great idea for a healthy snack, so long asyou don't smother it in toffee or butter! Freshly popped warm corn is lovely own it's own, and if you do want to eat it later a little salt is usually all it needs. It's easy to pack in ziploc bags and stick in the change bag so that you have treats ready to go.

It's also really cheap, meaning your kids can snack on it a lot.


ii) Dried fruits and nuts - watch out here though, as dried fruit has a very high calorie content and not much water so you don't feel full up. It's easy to eat far too many calories, so if you are trying to lose baby weight, make sure you aren't grabbing a handful when you pass them on to your kids.

Julian Graves have a magazine in store which is 99p but has around £5 worth of vouchers inside it each month. If your kids like fruits and nuts (or if you like to experiment with spices) this is worth purchasing. They also do things like blueberries covered in yoghurt or chocolate coated brazil nuts, so it's a great way to ease children into healthier snacking.

iii) Prepared veg - having vegetables like carrots, celery and peppers already pre-cut and stored in a glass of water in the firdge means that little hands can help themselves, and surprisingly they really do. Try setting aside 20 minutes once a week to prepare plenty of fresh vegetable snacks for the week.

iv) small fruits and berries - grapes and berries that can be eaten in little mouthfuls and don't require peeling and chopping are also always a hit in our house. One of Will's favourite summer activities is going for walks in the park and eating blackberries along the way.

I cannot wait until we have our own garden and can plant in lots of fruits that the children can pick and eat themselves.

v) Fresh Herbs - yes, I am aware that it's kind of odd, but my son likes to eat 'plants' straight from the ground. By plants, he means fresh corriander, chives, parsely and basil. I've found that keeping bunches of these in the fridge also seem to be considered a treat. I'm not sure it would work for many people, but Will loves it, so I'm just gonna thow it out there.

I'm currently trialling a service by Graze too. They pack a variety of healthy snack and deliver them to your door, so it save you the hassle of thinking too much and you always have something fresh to hand. Honestly, I'm only doing it because it's free this week, and half price next week (use code KHBVM7LA) but if it's good, we might continue.

*with Elle being allergic to grapes we can't have raisins, but have discovered 'Craisins' which are raisins made with cranberries, not grapes. Delicious!


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