Not FLY but motivated

FLYlady has been great at various times in my life. She has kicked my lazy butt into gear and provided some much needed organisation and routine into my chaotic life. But, it's too much right now.

I genuinely do think FLYlady is great if you have the energy. She is certainly thorough and it's such a blessing that she does all of this for free. But if like me you want some structure, routine and organisation without the intensity, I want to recommend Motivated Moms.

You do have to pay, but it's only $8 for the year (and realistically you could use the same one next year if you just cross out the dates) and it's totally worth it.

To not have to think about keeping on top of the house, but simply have a weekly or daily (your choice) checklist in your planner or on the fridge is such a blessing. I don't have to know how long it is since I last deep cleaned the microwave, or changed the hand towel by the sink, because the checklist will tell me when to do it again. Running a house like this, on routine, is so much more streamlined and less stressful than approaching it in an ad hoc way, where things often go unnoticed (especially in a large home).

So I wholly recommend Motivated Moms, I don't think $8 is ridiculously expensive (about £5) and saves you having to plan it all out yourself. I'm pretty sure there is an iPhone app too (sorry, not available for blackberry or android), which means you can just check stuff off and it disappears. This seems like a nice idea, but if you don't have the paper copy, no one will see it and be inspired to help you ;)

I also prefer the paper copy for homeschoolers, because it's easier to point to a chart where everyone is chipping in and checking off, than to have your kids come check in on your phone everytime they do something. Even if your kids have phones of there own, do you want to pay £5.99 for everyone to have duplicate copies (which don't sync) or do you want one master list printed on the fridge which everyone can see for a one off £5 payment? Sometimes technology just isn't the future!

Does anyone else have any other systems/methods they use to keep on top of their homes? What are they?


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