52 Weeks of organising

I have just stumbled across Organizing Junkie for the first time and I'm so excited about her 52 week challenge.

The basic idea is that organisation is addictive, and once you start recognising the benefits of it in your life you too will become and organisation lover! The problem is, the common begin, and the uncommon finish. Too many times we spend a mad week decluttering and organising, but it's unssustainable. We set ourselves huge targets that are so exhausting, when we finish we never want to do anything like that again.

This is where the 52 week challenge comes in. We want to make organising part of our lifestyle.

So with that in mind, we need to set ourselves 52 organisational goals for the year, then achieve them, one by one. It's important that you don't go mad and set huge goals. This has to be something you will realistically do every week.

I'm planning to set my goal for mondays. Monday is a good day because a) I don't have any social activities planned that day for me or the kids and b) it's after sunday, when Matt is home and I have had a good rest and some family time. Hopefully this means I'll be energised enough to do it.

Everyone else on the challenge seems to be updating on fridays, so if you want to play along, it's up to you, fridays or mondays, or choose your own days. :)

We have a slight problem in that we are moving house in July, so obviously there will be changes in my goals around then (I don't know what cupboards there will be etc...) so I think I shall have to just do a 14 week list for now, and I'll create a new list when we get to our new place.

So here is my list so far:

  1. organise and label bulk food cupboard
  2. organise linen cupboard
  3. sort through baby clothes and box for people
  4. sell excess baby/toddler furniture
  5. sort wardrobe and list on big wardrobe
  6. Paperwork on Matt's desk
  7. filling cabinet top drawers organise
  8. Matt desk drawers
  9. clear out living room junk baskets
  10. organise craft material box
  11. Defrost and re-organise freezer
  12. Clear miscellaneous pile from office
  13. Organise sewing/embroidery kit
  14. create system for homeschool supplies
Hopefully that will keep me busy until we move, then I'll be able to create a new list for the next 22 weeks of the year (less that 52 because I'm joining late and I like things to finish a Jan-Dec schedule).

Join me, it will be fun. I promise.
I'm slowly addicting you to organising...


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