Valentines Meal

As some of you know, I love an excuse for a family celebration. Any reason to make dinner extra special and gather everyone together is good for me. So for me and Matt, valentines day means telling the whole family how much we love each other.

Inspired by this, William and Elisha made and sent cards to their friends (Well, I helped, and Elisha didn't really make hers) and we spent the day preparing lovely things for dinner when daddy got home.

Kids love a special occasion, so I'd encourage you to make some special memories by letting them join you for your dinner. Things can always get more romantic once their in bed!

We put candles on the table and I let William choose our dinner. For starters we had strawberry jelly. Wierd, but it was his choice and it was a special occasion. I made it in cute little heart moulds, so everyone got two little hearts as a starter.

After jelly Will wanted steak pie and chips (can you tell he's his father's son?) but I insisted on sweetcorn to go with it. As it's a special occasion I decided to let the 'one green thing' rule slide.

And for dessert Will chose cupcakes. We made little roses for the top with frosting.

Happy Valentines!


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