Sugar Lime Treat

I'm loathe to call this a recipe, because the total sum of ingredients is sugar... and limes.

We have a bit of a lime addiction going on in our house at the moment. I love them and use them often in cooking, but Will noticed this and has started asking if he can eat them... straight from the fruit bowl! No amount of convincing him they will be sour was working, so I eventually caved and let him try one. His little face scrunched up as he licked at it, but in fairness, he kept at it for a good 10 minutes, then asked me for a fresh piece!

So I decided to revive and old treat from when I was a kid, using lime slices instead of oranges.

The basic idea is to slice the fruit, dip it in sugar (or Xylitol) and then freeze it. It makes an incredibly refreshing snack, and as citrus fruits are packed with vitamins C and B6, a healthy one too.

Other quick ways we are enjoying limes at the moment include:

  • juicing and adding to a carton of apple juice
  • stirring into rice to make it zing
  • adding a little ginger and stir frying veg
  • juice poured over ice cream (sounds wierd, but it's delish)
  • with coconut milk and sweet potato soup
If you think of any others, let me know! We are lime-aholics!


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