Drowning in Plastic Bags

This is kind of a boring post, but one I've been asked about a few times recently is the problem of plastic bags. How do you store them? Do they breed? Why are there always so many in the house, but never an available one when you need it?

Lots of people use reuseable bags for their groceries now and I think that's great. Plastic bags going into landfill is a problem. What I can't understand is why the same people then buy bin liners and nappy bags. It makes no sense to me.

To save on money, I continue to take plastic bags from the grocery store, even if I get a dirty look from the cashier, and use them for bin liners throughout my house, as wet kit bags for my kids clothes and for nappy bags when out and about. I'm told the stores are going to start charging for them soon, but until they do this is much more economical.

The problem is, plastic bags seem to breed and take over peoples kitchens, until they eventually have enough and best case scenario throw them in the recycling bin, but realistically probably chuck them in the garbage.

We aren't swimming in plastic bags, because we have a system. The most important thing about storage is learning to put things away properly so they take up less space. So step one is learning to fold a plastic bag properly. This woman makes it take much longer than it does, a few seconds after each grocery trip.

This is going to save you plenty of space already. I actually fold the lentgh in half one more time to mae really little triangles. You could probably already fit most of your carrier bag mountain into the space down the side of the cutlery tray in your kitchen draw, but don't. Because here is the most useful thing I've learnt to do - store them where you need them.

Each bathroom bin/cabinet/nappy bin/wastepaper basket now has a little handful of triangle bags in it before I line it. That way, when I pull out the full liner, I can simply unfold the next one and pop it in it's place. No more bags cluttering up the vegetable rack, and it makes chores (like emptying the bins) easier for my family to get involved with (they don't have to go hunting for liners).

It works for us, so if you're swimmming in plastic bags, before investing in a storage system, try this one for free.

Happy organising!


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