Can Your Baby Read?

Loads of people ask me how I taught Will to read, and the answer is simple, we bought and program and stuck with it. The first 6 months it looked like nothing was happening, which is why I think so many people give up, but then it suddenly just clicked.

I love that Will can read for several reasons:

i) one of his favourite activities is going to the library to choose new books - it's free and he loves it!

ii) I can leave him cute little notes for when he wakes up from his naps etc...

iii) I don't feel guilty sending him to bed when he's not tired but I am, because he happily reads his books until he is.

iv) he loves reading stories to his baby sister whilst I'm cooking/cleaning/doing laundry...etc... so I basically get free child care from a three year old!

There are lots of more important reasons that good literacy is a so beneficial, but these are my slightly selfish ones for now :D

Because so many people are asking (and quite a few have bought the program after we've told you about it!) I've signed up to become an affilate (let's face it, word of mouth is probably the best advertising they get and I've already sold several copies for them!)

If you or anyone you know would like to teach your children to read (aimed at 3 month - 5 years old or older children with learning difficulties), then please click on the link below and buy it from here.

There is even a 30 day money back guarantee on at the moment, so what are you waiting for? ;)


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