Rollercoaster week

Ever had a roller coaster week? I've had one this week. It's been an insane week full of blessings and could-be disasters followed by more blessings!

Yesterday in particular was crazy, it was the day we had a very important interview (wont find out how we got on until next week, but we'll be sure to let you know). It started out waking up alone, as it turned out Elisha had been teething, so Matt had taken her downstairs so she wouldn't wake me up, but consequently had very little sleep himself :(

He then had to leave in a hurry and barely got to see Will as he was going to an inset day at another school, but pointed out to me that our wheelie bin has been stolen. For his part, Will was incredibly helpful all morning, loading and unloading laundry, putting the dryer on and mopping the kitchen floor, all without being asked :D but then I broke a glass whilst unloading the dishwasher, cutting my hand fairly badly and passing out. Poor Will was terrified, and put himself to bed, but refused to let me come in his room because he didn't want to see the blood.

My sister attempted to drive over and help me with clean up, only to get stopped in a road that the Police closed off around her due to an accident further ahead. When she did get here I managed to go to the interview with Matt, but was feeling fairly unwell, and my hand was still quite heavily bleeding (some 3 hours on). I think the interview went quite well, but we had to end it a little early, because I thought I was going to pass out.

Some great friends came to the rescue (with no notice) to babysit so that Matt could take me to the hospital (no way could I drive) and I felt really glad to have such wonderful people around us.

Another friend reminded me of the story of Gideon, which incidentally I'd been teaching Will about this week. Maybe things seemed to conspire against us, and maybe that was God's way of letting me know that He was in charge, and if we get this job, it will be not on our own merit, but by His goodness.


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