Our New House!!

Thank you all for your prayers, things are finally moving on with our house!

We have transferred the deposit to the solicitors and they are hoping we will have the keys by tuesday. 

I can't wait to get in there and start making it our own. I have so many projects planned. There are two walls to take down, carpets to rip out, wood block flooring to be laid, tiles to be painted, the list goes on and on...

But there are two projects I am particularly excited about. The first is a coffee table/lego storage I'm going to build. The plans (should you wish to do the same) are available on Ana White's website for free. We have been blessed with free wood and free plans, and someone has even offered to lend me the power tools (although I may just do the cutting at school so that I can have some supervision!) 

The second project I am most looking forward to is the garden. I can't wait to start planting out my own vegetable patches and growing fruit. I love preserving and at the moment I use fruit bought (all be it very cheaply) from the local market, but it will feel so much more special to be using our own. William loves watching things grow and was so excited about using the herbs he planted in cooking, so it will be great fun for him to grow and harvest his own food.

I'm really intrigued by different coloured carrots too. Not only are there great health benefits to the different varieties, but I think they'll jazz up a dinner plate, and as carrot is one of my families favourite vegetables, it will be really fun to introduce some new types. The seeds for redyellowblackwhite and purple carrots are available on amazon and I'm told can be grown with great success.


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