Would Your Home Pass an MOT?

I love this idea from the unclutterer. 

You annually put your car through a service and or MOT to ensure that it meets a set of government guidelines, is safe to drive and functions well. Why don't we apply this principle to areas of our homes? 

I'm going to set up dates in my diary, semi-annually, for each area of my home (kitchen, garage, understairs cupboard,  wardrobe etc...) to help me keep them in order. In this way I will be giving an MOT out once a month and on a rotating basis ensuring that my house is kept in good order.

Things you might like to fail an inspection could be:

i)   anything broken, chipped, cracked or stained
ii)  unused, unworn or not referenced since last inspection
iii) out of style, wrong size, not suited for the purpose it's being used for
iv) hated, associated with a negative memory, kept out of guilt
v)  an un-needed duplicate

You can then decide to repair, throw out or give away each item; replacing only things that were not suitable for purpose/wrong size etc...

In this manner we can look forward to clutter free homes that are kept in order without having to do massive clear outs every five years and having to sort through lots of useless items to find the ones we need to use.

Enjoy your clutter free homes! 


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