First and Fast

When I was a nanny I quickly learned to use the 'first and fast' principle when trying to encourage the kids to eat something they didn't particularly enjoy. If they ate the vegetables they didn't like first, they would still be hot (slightly more appealing than cold) and they could get rid of the taste by eating something they liked afterwards.

Nobody wants the taste of the food they didn't like to be the last thing the taste and linger in their mouths all night. It also means we don't all have to sit at the table for hours whilst you push it around your plate and whine that you don't like it. ;)

I recently remembered this with Will. He often holds something in his mouth saying that he doesn't like the taste, as if he is waiting for me to say 'okay, then just spit it out.' Obviously my answer is usually 'quick, quick! Swallow it so you won't have to taste it any more!'.

If this is true of toddlers and eating, how much more true is it in our lives in general?

It's not the things you do that make you tired, it's the things you don't do!
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Think of a project, large or small, that you have delayed over and over again. You have to exert mental, physical and emotional energy, and maybe even stretch the family finances to accomplish it. It sits like a heavy weight on you, you worry about it and don't sleep well. But once you go ahead and get it done, you feel great. Relief floods you, you're exhilarated and ready to celebrate. 

Procrastination is what makes you tired, not work. Try applying this approach to your chores today. Pick the things you hate most and just get it done! I promise you'll be glad you did.


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