Pray Continually

So I've set myself a new challenge. 

I've been reading and listening to Courtney's blog 'women living well' this morning and she talks about praying continually and what jumped out at me was the phrase 'I need thee every hour'. It's not something I've really thought about a lot before, but it was inspiring. I pray in the morning, in the evening, and then after that only really when something goes wrong and I need some help! 

I love the idea that I need God every hour, so I have set my phone alarm to go off every hour today (Courtney uses an oven timer, but I don't have one. Whatever works for you, right?) and I will gather the children and pray. Just a short time, maybe only one minute, but we will ask God to be with us every waking hour today. 

1 Thessalonians 5:17 says 'Pray without ceasing.' Which is actually more than every hour!

The way to worry about nothing, it to pray about everything; so let's stop worrying!

Just a little update. Had some wonderful times praying with Will every hour. He is praying too and it's such a blessing to be able to bring Jesus in to his life so regularly and see how naturally he accepts it. This is definitely something we will be continuing. 


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